Italian artist


A self-taught artist who has always been passionate about art and has experience as an executive chef in a prestigious house (Armani, Pinchiori, etc.)

Launched the art company MAZZI FINE ARTS in February 2020, created the MF logo, and is a contemporary painting artist with international exchange based in Italy and Japan.


Registered the international utility model 3D FRAME PUSH UP and presented his work outside the framework.


Not completely locked inside frames, his artwork seems almost to overflow and stand out—like food being served on beautiful plates.


This unique framing technique, 3D Frame Push-up, was developed by the artist himself. He skillfully integrated his years of experience as a top international executive chef, a heritage of Italian hospitality, and an inquiring mind.


To a certain extent, his artwork shares common characteristics with the dishes he has prepared, which have so enchanted people. Precious materials such as gold, platinum, and diamonds, carefully selected from around world, are combined with traditional oil paint. Through the force of his imagination, they become elements of elegant, unconventional paintings. And the dramatic sense of motion his original palette creates in his artwork evokes sheer fascination.


His mind is always seeking something fresh and new, and his philosophy and wealth of experience provide fertile ground for a continuous flow of new ideas.


He was previously an executive chef for Giorgio Armani Japan, where his impressive dishes inspired many people.
In his chef days, he used to sketch in elaborate detail the delightful new menus he came up with for each season. He also approaches his art in the process, starting by expressing his ideas through profound sketches.


He shares a passion for archeology and history. While the style of his artwork is new, it displays the aesthetic qualities of ancient times as though the memories of a distant past imprinted in our DNA have awoken and come alive.

It is as if all the distractions of modern-day living have been stripped away, and in their place our ancestral spirit, which has remained true and strong through the passage of time, has re-emerged. Quite simple and elegant, his work nevertheless delivers a powerful message.


    ``Art enriches life and its ultimate function is to make people happier``

``Be inspired by miths,legends to create objects with memory strenght of their own``


All artwork of MAZZI FINE ART is created by Mazzi Francesco.