Italian artist


Self-taught  successful artist who has always been passionate about art.

He launched the art company MAZZI FINE ART in February 2020 together with his partner Maki Saegusa and created the MF logo

From  2021 the company fully produce also frames,made with the best japanese wood and the most exquisite italian craftship
He is an artist of contemporary painting with international exchanges based in Italy and Japan.
Since the opening  he has sold over 100 unique pieces between the Legends & Myths and Fantasy collections
He registered the international utility model (created by himself)`` 3D FRAME PUSH UP '' which presents the canvases outside the frame
He opened his own private gallery in Osaka  MAZZIFINEART and lives between Japan and Italy
He curates a blog where he tells about his travels in Italy along with his works


No longer stuck inside the frames, his works almost seem to overflow and stand out
This unique framing technique, 3D Frame Push-up, was developed and patented internationally by the artist himself


Precious materials such as 24K gold, platinum, diamonds and antique woods, carefully selected from all over the world
they are combined with traditional oil painting.
Through the power of his imagination, they become elements of elegant and unconventional paintings.
And the dramatic sense of movement that his original palette creates in his artwork evokes pure charm.

His mind is always on the lookout for something fresh and new
and his philosophy and wealth of experience provide a fertile ground for a continuous flow of new ideas.
He shares a passion for archeology and history. Although the style of his artwork is new
it shows the aesthetic qualities of ancient times as if the memories of a distant past
imprinted in our DNA have awakened and come to life.
It is as if all the distractions of modern life have been eliminated and in their place our ancestral spirit has re-emerged, which has remained true and strong over time.
Minimalist and elegant, her work delivers a powerful message.

`` Art enriches life and its ultimate function is to make people happier. ''

`` Let yourself be inspired by myths, by legends to create objects with memory own strength``
All MAZZI FINE ART artworks are created by Mazzi Francesco.