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Main Brief History/

Mazzi Francesco founded MAZZI Corporation in January 2020 and launched the fine arts brand "MAZZI FINE ART".
Francesco Mazzi is an artist and entrepreneur who created and presented the "3D FRAME PUSH-UP" patent, which shows the canvas outside the frame and obtained the rights, with this new display method the frame becomes the stage where the work is performed.
This unique framing technique gives the work greater three-dimensionality and a new sense of presence for the viewer and has been hailed as "total art" that harmonizes with the space. In February 2020, FRANCESCO MAZZI presented his first solo exhibition , Spring-Summer Collection, in Ginza, Tokyo, all works sold out. Interviewed by numerous media and art critics in Japan, Italy, England, Spain and Switzerland.In February 2021, MAZZI Corporation's office and production studio moved to a new location near Osaka Bay and Kansai International Airport.The "MAZZI FINE ART GALLERY" opens a private gallery.
By renovating a historic home with a Japanese-style internal garden, from here on MAZZI will create works of art and frames, take care of the entire photo video production and carry out his functions as president of the company.
During 2022/2023, in collaboration with Italian art critics, the Municipality of Florence and the Italian Association UNESCO, initiated the special exhibition FRANCESCO MAZZI "JAPANESE BEAUTY", a trilogy of traveling exhibitions in Italy, which was praised for its original technological innovation the excellent quality and has achieved numerous results. Awarded 2 medals by UNESCO, the innovative production process involves mixing rare materials such as pure gold and silver with oil paint using a unique technique applied to bas-reliefs.
He achieves a quality on canvas that has been praised by the Italian undersecretary of state for culture "Mazzi is a goldsmith of painting, a miniaturist of matter and color with great technical and formal sensitivity"
One-of-a-kind luxury works that will participate in special exhibitions in collaboration with luxury brands and international fairs.
His eclectic vision unites Western and Eastern cultures, creating a dialogue for peace that deepens respect and knowledge, and he continues to pursue his artistic path with original ideas every day.
In collaboration with Italian art critics, the Municipality of Assisi and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, in May 2023 he completed his Italian tour with a special exhibition in the city of Assisi, he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Trophy for “exceptional innovation and artistic research” from the mayor and a diploma recognizing his successes in creating a bridge between the West and the East.


Major Event History/Awards/Media


art KYOTO 2023 (Nijo Castle, Kyoto, Japan/World Heritage Site/8-12 September 2023)

D-LUXE 2023 (Japan, Imperial Hotel Osaka/17 September 2023)

D-art,ART 2023 (Japan/Matsuzakaya Nagoya/8-12 September 2023)

art stage OSAKA 2023 (Grand Cube Osaka, Japan/FAT Collection/From 1 to 3 September 2023)

D-art,ART 2023 (Japan/Matsuzakaya Shizuoka/June 28 to July 4, 2023)

City of Assisi(UNESCO) Award Trophy To Francesco Mazzi "For Outstanding Innovation and Artistic Research"(May 19 2023) 

FRANCESCO MAZZI Special Exhibition "SHINE ON JAPAN" (Assisi, Italy / May 19-28, 2023)

THE RAKE JAPAN ISSUE 51 (Japan, Luxury Men's Magazine 3/25/2023)

FRANCESCO MAZZI x INUNAKISAN SHIPPOURYUUJI Special Exhibition "ANTICHE CREDENZE " (Japan, March 17 - April 2, 2023)

ART FAIR TOKYO 2023 (Tokyo International Forum, Japan / March 9-12, 2023)

D-art, ART2023 (Daimaru Tokyo, Japan / February 16-21, 2023)

LUX-BLO (Japan, Luxury Information February 7, 2023)

Luxury Investment Magazine (Italy Luxury Magazine January 2023)

Celebre Magazine (Italian Luxury Magazine January 2023)

Medal of Merit for "for the original innovations in art".
Medal of Merit for "interesting artistic innovation and original art" for his masterpiece, Dragon Skin.
Diploma for the excellent quality of the trilogy "Japanese Beauty", traveling exhibition in Italy.

(Italy, January 14, 2023)

FRANCESCO MAZZI Special Exhibition "JAPANESE BEAUTY" Italian Touring Exhibition Trilogy: Part III / SOCIETÀ DELLE BELLE ARTI CIRCOLO DEGLI ARTISTA “CASA DI DANTE” (Italy, Jan. 14 - 26, 2023)

Renaissance Magazine (Italian Luxury Magazine January 2023)

Arte (Italy, Art Magazine, January 2023)

BRB Medical Salon Letterzine 2023 WINTER Vol. 5 Cover: "Abbracci di Primavera " (Japan, Winter 2023)


LUX-BLO (Japan, Luxury Information July 29, 2022)

Medal of Merit "for innovation and artistic research" from the Udine UNESCO Association (Italy, July 1, 2022)

FRANCESCO MAZZI Special Exhibition "JAPANESE BEAUTY" Italian Touring Exhibition Trilogy: Part II / Cividale del Friuli / Convent of Santa Maria World Heritage (Italy, July 1 - 20, 2022)

Arte (Italy, Art Magazine, July 2022)

LUX-BLO (Japan, Luxury Information June 8, 2022)

FRANCESCO MAZZI Special Exhibition "JAPANESE BEAUTY" Italian Touring Exhibition Catalog: Limited Edition 2022

FRANCESCO MAZZI Special Exhibition "JAPANESE BEAUTY" Italian Touring Exhibition Trilogy: Part I / Bologna, Italy

(May 13-June 1, 2022)

ARTISTI 2022 (International Yearbook of Contemporary Art 2022, Italy)

Arte (Italy, Art Magazine, May 2022)

Mitsukoshi Spring Gifts Party (New Otani Tokyo, Japan / Feb. 2022)

Poltrona Frau x Mazzi Francesco Special Exhibition (Mitsukoshi, Nihonbashi, Japan, 5th floor, Poltrona Frau/Jan 26-Feb 11, 2022)


ART NOW (Italy, art magazine online version November 2021)

Geijutsu Shincho (Japan, Art Magazine, December 2021)

ART NOW periodico d'arte (Italy, Art Magazine November/December 2021)

THE RAKE JAPAN (Japan, Luxury Men's Magazine Online Version November 2021)

DESIGNART TOKYO 2021 (Japan, Poltrona Frau x Mazzi Francesco Special Exhibition October 22-November 30, 2021)

BIANCO SCURO ART MAGAZINE (Italy, Art Magazine October/November 2021)

THE RAKE JAPAN ISSUE 42 (Japan, Luxury Men's Magazine 9/25/2021)

AESTHETICA (British art magazine online version August 2021)

AESTHETICA ISSUE 102 (British art magazine, August/September 2021)

PAVONE (Japan, Luxury Magazine 59, Summer/Fall 2021)

Geijutsu Shincho (Japan, Art Magazine August 2021)

EUROPEAN life Magazine (Spanish Luxury Life Magazine 2021)

ART NOW periodico d'arte (Italian art magazine, May/June 2021)

PREMIO DANTE ALIGHERI (Dante Alighieri Prize 2021, Italy) "I Frutti del Sole (Fruit of the Sun)"

PREMIO MICHELANGELO (Michelangelo International Prize 2021, Italy) "Albero del Sole (Tree of the Sun)"

ARTISTI 2021 (International Yearbook of Contemporary Art 2021, Italy)

PREMIO VITTORIO SGARBI (Vittorio Sugarbi Prize 2021, Italy) "Bellezza nella Tempesta (Beauty in the Storm)"

VIVO DI LUSSO (Italian Luxury Life Magazine 2021)

THE WAY (Italian Luxury Life Magazine 2021)


SKY TV (Sky TV Interview 2020, Italy)

FRANCESCO MAZZI First Solo Exhibition Spring/Summer Collection (GINZA OKAMI, Japan / Feb. 27 - Mar. 2, 2020)



“Be inspired by myths and legends to create objects with their own memory and strength”

`` Art enriches life and its ultimate function is to make people happier. ''


They say about me…….


The luxury of simplicity

"Mazzi's art is pure observation of Nature, in the miracle of shapes and colors of which it is generously rich"

Giancarlo Bonomo,art critic and curator


The unveiling of the symbol

"Mazzi is firmly attracted by the pure beauty that emerges whenever he refers to the aesthetic canons of antiquity, especially in Europe"

Raffaella Ferrari,art critic and curator


''Francesco Mazzi is a goldsmith of painting, a miniaturist of matter and color with a great technical and formal sensitivity, an archaic type of craftsman-artist embossedas if by a bizarre twist of fate, in the contemporary era''

Artists 2022

International of Contemporary Art ''Vittorio Sgarbi''


'' progresses without hesitation in thicknesses and three-dimensional

propositions that follow the gaze, astounding for the particular aesthetic composure ''

Art Now Magazine`` Alessandro Serradifalco, editorial manager ''


Francesco Mazzi
"A new concept of total art, a stage where art is exhibited"



He revolutionized the art world with a new concept and easily achieved the impossible in less than two years 



The art of Francesco Mazzi is configured as a total art

Art Now Magazine''Laura Rinella art curator''


Actually when I looked at Mazzi's works for the first time,

I was struck by one aspect above all, because Mazzi seeks and finds the total work of art

Sky Tv  Art Critic


Minimal and sophisticated works with a very strong ancient message, but at the same time contemporary



In the mysterious land of the Rising Sun, an Italian artist revolutionised modern art by combining new technologies with ancient knowledge

EUROPEANlife  Passion for Luxury Magazine


Mazzi Francesco is an Italian artist inspired by the ancient world,using iridescent palettes, textured paints and three-dimensional surfaces,

he conjures everything from dragons’ skin to cascading light and the sun’s rays



He uses rare materials to build a unique world vision

PAVONE The Spirit of Elegance


A new generation emerging artist invading Japan with original 3D paintings

Geijutsu Shincho