Italian artist


Francesco Mazzi is an artist and entrepreneur.

In February 2020, he launched the art company MAZZI FINnE ART in Tokyo (Ginza) with his partner Maki Saegusa and created the MF logo (registered trademark) and the "3D FRAME PUSH-UP" utility model to displays the canvas outside the frame

This unique framing technique gives the viewer a great sense of three-dimensionality and a new sense of presence in his work, and is valued as "total art" that blends in with the space. 24K, platinum, diamonds, carefully selected high-class precious materials from around the world and a unique method expression that combines them with traditional oil colors

In February 2021, the art company and atelier moved to Osaka prefecture and the private gallery "MAZZI FINE ART GALLERY" was opened near Osaka Bay. A stunning Japanese-style villa with an interior garden has been refurbished to suit the company vision.

In addition to the works of art, the company's laboratory inside the villa also produces the original frames in fine wood entirely

In just one year of opening, it sold out over 100 artworks.

In 2022 he was awarded a medal by the president of the UNESCO Club of Udine (Italy) for artistic research and innovation.

He has been interviewed and reviewed by numerous media around the world.

He takes care of the production and editing of his videos along with all the photography.

His minimalistic and elegant work conveys a powerful message

aimed at evoking the aesthetic dimension to which ancient memories are linked.


Relevant in his works to talk about “What human beings have forgotten and lost in modern society”

Inheritance and evolution of ancient wisdom and technology


“Be inspired by myths and legends to create objects with their own memory and strength”

`` Art enriches life and its ultimate function is to make people happier. ''


They say about me…….


The luxury of simplicity

"Mazzi's art is pure observation of Nature, in the miracle of shapes and colors of which it is generously rich"

Giancarlo Bonomo,art critic and curator


The unveiling of the symbol

"Mazzi is firmly attracted by the pure beauty that emerges whenever he refers to the aesthetic canons of antiquity, especially in Europe"

Raffaella Ferrari,art critic and curator


''Francesco Mazzi is a goldsmith of painting, a miniaturist of matter and color with a great technical and formal sensitivity, an archaic type of craftsman-artist embossedas if by a bizarre twist of fate, in the contemporary era''

Artists 2022

International of Contemporary Art ''Vittorio Sgarbi''


'' progresses without hesitation in thicknesses and three-dimensional

propositions that follow the gaze, astounding for the particular aesthetic composure ''

Art Now Magazine`` Alessandro Serradifalco, editorial manager ''


Francesco Mazzi
"A new concept of total art, a stage where art is exhibited"



He revolutionized the art world with a new concept and easily achieved the impossible in less than two years 



The art of Francesco Mazzi is configured as a total art

Art Now Magazine''Laura Rinella art curator''


Actually when I looked at Mazzi's works for the first time,

I was struck by one aspect above all, because Mazzi seeks and finds the total work of art

Sky Tv  Art Critic


Minimal and sophisticated works with a very strong ancient message, but at the same time contemporary



In the mysterious land of the Rising Sun, an Italian artist revolutionised modern art by combining new technologies with ancient knowledge

EUROPEANlife  Passion for Luxury Magazine


Mazzi Francesco is an Italian artist inspired by the ancient world,using iridescent palettes, textured paints and three-dimensional surfaces,

he conjures everything from dragons’ skin to cascading light and the sun’s rays



He uses rare materials to build a unique world vision

PAVONE The Spirit of Elegance


A new generation emerging artist invading Japan with original 3D paintings

Geijutsu Shincho