Our Concept


The world of Mazzi Fine Art is completed with the culinary experience,

also prepared by the hand of Francesco Mazzi,an artisan of beauty and taste.

His cuisine, like his works,represents an eclectic vision of the world,where art is born as a propitiatory object,and food,which with its social and religious combinations has always marked human life,becomes the perfect vector.

It starts from an anthropological recovery,its contemporary gallery is therefore the evolution of that cave,

where the first cultural foundations,food and art were laid in front of a prehistoric fire.

The philosophy of the artist chef starts from this assumption

"surround yourself with powerful objects endowed with their own strength and memory"

"art has the function of making people happier"

Through this experimentation, a kitchen of the highest levels meets a completely innovative eclectic art,everything is narrated through modern videos, where each object he creates becomes the protagonist of a small story.

Mazzi Fine Art offers this type of practice, as well as in the artistic creative process it applies the philosophy ''looking to the past we shape the future'' also in gastronomy the desire to recover old recipes and make them current in taste and presentation,always minimalist and contemporary,gained from long experience in Japan.