Author: Francesco Mazzi
Successful self-taught artist who has always been passionate about art; resident in Japan where from February 2020 he opened his art company MAZZI FINE ARTS, created the MF logo and registered an international 3D patent FRAME PUSH UP to present his works `` out of the frame '
Title: Love, Love, Love
Period: Summer 2020
Production: Japan / Italy
Genre: Figurative
Material used: Oil painting on canvas of 45x35cm thickness 6.3cm, plaster, materic / structuring pastes, 23 / 24K gold, diamonds and resin-based paints
Frame made with precious woods, the finish includes a mission gilding (glossy and opaque) and orange peel reliefs.

Frame band  dimensions about 58.5 x 48.5 x 9.3 cm
Inspiration behind the Opera: Summer, friends and childhood

Characteristics of the work: The prevailing colors are lavender and gray in all its shades. You can smell the scent of flowers, you can hear the buzz of the bees.
Gold accentuates the theme of the precious, the bright warm shades and the rounded insects give off warmth typical of a Summer day

Comments from the artist:
A light and feminine work that recalls the young age, insects seem to meet like old friends, gold reliefs recall clouds, rocks or playful little animals that chase insects a sense of lightheartedness and happiness, like when you were a child was sitting in a meadow: Love, love, love. This work has been transported to real lavender fields where butterflies, bees and various insects have alighted on it; I would like whoever looked at it to smile, and smell its perfume listening buzzing bees.


Art enriches life and its ultimate function is to make people happier.
`` Be inspired by myths and legends to create objects with their own memory and strength ''
Francesco Mazzi