Author: Francesco Mazzi

Successful self-taught artist who has always been passionate about art; resident in Japan where since February 2020 he opened his art company MAZZI FINE ARTS, created the MF logo and registered an international patent 3D FRAME PUSH UP to present his works `` out of the frame ''

Title: The Waterfall of Light

Period: Spring / Summer 2021

Production: Japan / Italy

Genre: Abstract

Material used: Oil painting on canvas of 41x67cm thickness 6.3cm, 23 / 24k gold, plaster, material / structuring pastes, resin-based paints.Frame made with the Japanese Paulownia tree,known as kiri, also called "princess tree"sacred wood, symbol of good luck.The finish is made with Italian paints, the color was created following different shades: black and steel, the frame band measures about 8 cm, the frame size about 58x77cm

Inspiration behind the work: The rock representations, the movement of water and the refraction of light, how the two expand, not necessarily in a vertical process but referring to the flow of the elements in an understandable physical representation. waves of any nature perpetually flow through gold in this circumstance.

Characteristics of the work: The main colors are turquoise, light blue and white to recall the water, the use of color and 23 / 24k gold sheets gives a luminous tone, the verticality and the reliefs give a sense of movement and continuity

Artist's comments: Man has always represented and glorified water and light, in all cultures there is no lack of symbolism dedicated to them. In this modern approach the simplicity and freshness, colors and shapes faithful to the counterpart in nature stand out.


Art enriches life and its ultimate function is to make people happier.

`` Be inspired by myths and legends to create objects with their own memory and strength``

Francesco Mazzi