Author: Francesco Mazzi
Title: Dragon Skin "Magma"
Date: Winter 2023
Location: Japan
Genre: Abstract
Material used: Oil painting on canvas panel of 20x25x6.3cm, lapilli,gold, silver, material / structuring pastes. Frame made with Yoshino cedar tree wood and stones. The finish was done with italian paints and the colors were created in aged steel shades, the frame band measures about 6 cm, the frame size about 37,6x33,4cm.
Inspiration behind the work: The volcanoes, the lava and the forge of Hephaestus in the greek mythology god of fire.
Characteristics of the work: A highly material work, where the predominant colors are red, black and the green, silver and gold refractions of the lapilli.
Comments of the artist: The "Pellle di Drago" series is enriched with a new element, Magma made with lapilli from an Italian volcano. These stones forged in the depths of the earth are further embellished with pigments and precious metals.

Art enriches life and its ultimate function is to make people happier.
`` Be inspired by myths and legends to create objects with their own memory and strength ''
Francesco Mazzi