Author: Francesco Mazzi
Title: Aries
Publication:Winter 2023
Location: Japan
Genre: Figurative
Materials used: Oil painting on 20x20cm canvas panel, thickness 6.3, marble powder, textural/structuring pastes, silver, platinum, 24k gold, special pigments, resin-based paints. Frame made with Yoshino cedar wood and stones. The finish was done with Italian paints and the colors were created in shades of gold sunset, the frame band measures about 6 cm, the frame size about 33x33cm.
Inspiration behind the work: The stars of the zodiac grouped in constellations.
Characteristics of the work: A work for each sign, the representation of the 12 symbols, animals and humans characterized by reliefs embellished with precious materials, with unique and proper nuances for each constellation
Artist Comments: An inspired work, a contemporary and modern interpretation where sculpted and painted meet.


Art enriches life and its ultimate function is to make people happier.

``Be inspired by myths and legends to create objects with their own memory and strength``
Francis Mazzi