Author: Francesco Mazzi
Successful self-taught artist who has always been passionate about art, resident in Japan where from February 2020 he opened his art company MAZZI FINE ARTS, created the MF logo and registered an international patent 3D FRAME PUSH UP to present his works `` out of the frame ''

Title: Tree of the Witches

Dating: Winter 2020

Location: Japan / Italy

Genre: Figurative

Material used: Oil painting on canvas of 51x61cm thickness 6.3, (frame 66x76cm 24k gold plating)
Gesso, material / structuring pastes, 24k gold, resin-based paints

Inspiration behind the Opera: The famous witches oak located in the province of Lucca, Tuscany (Italy)

Characteristics of the work: A cobalt blue background where the silhouette of a tree stands out, the reliefs of which are accentuated by precious gilding, small stylized butterflies cluster around the trunk and under its branches, each made in different shapes and colors. a sensation of light strengthened by the contrast between the brilliance of gold and the night blue; the majesty and strength are accentuated by the play of dimensions between the butterflies and the main work.

Comments of the artist: It is an important work that contains all the power of the artistic vision of its author, inspired by a wonder of nature, honored 600 years earlier by witches and other particular characters through propitiatory dances and rites; this work was really in contact with the `magic` oak, it is important to communicate that during the visit to this site, several insects were attracted by our presence, only to disappear once in front of this wonderful tree.

Art enriches life and its ultimate function is to make people happier
`` Be inspired by myths and legends to create objects with their own memory and strength ''
Francesco Mazzi